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Hey everyone!

I’m making the rounds on the interwebs today with #IABBAddict goodness.
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Some wonderful blogs and pages are sharing my book today. Be sure to stop in and check out the interviews and giveaway!

Thanks to these blogs for the fun interviews:

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From The Desk of… R.E. Hargrave


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Camp NaNoWriMo


It’s heeeeerrrrrree! Camp NaNoWriMo, the more open-ended month long write-a-thon, starts July 1st! I’ve been so pressed for time lately that I’m looking forward to focusing on my WIP. Cabins have been assigned, my outline is a scribble-y mess, and I have my stash of caffeine and Cliff bars at the ready. I’m going to spend the next month with snarky fallen angels, a demon who wants to *have it all*, and a technologically challenged redhead who’s found herself in an otherworldly disaster. I can’t wait to get started.

In the mean time, I also wanted to share a couple of the AWESOME teasers the wonderful Linda Oaks made.




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Deleted Scene and A Song For Aiden

Hey there!

First off I just want to give a giant shout out and a digital high five to everyone who’s grabbed a copy of TANVITB. I love seeing photos of everyone’s paperbacks and kindle copies on my newsfeed. You guys are AWESOME!

For those of you who haven’t heard, There Are No Vampires In This Book is now out in paperback and ebook formats, AND there are several shopping options.

Amazon /Smashwords / B&N / KOBO

I’d thought I’d share a scene that -obviously- didn’t make it’s way into the book. Though the story is Taryn’s and in her POV, on some of the tougher writing days I let the other characters have center stage for a bit. Here’s a tiny peek into Aiden’s head.

Warning!!!!  May be kind of Spoiler-y.


vampires banner

Aiden piled the dirty dishes up and took them in to the sink. Taryn had tried to do it, but he chased her off. The girl had made them dinner, the least he could do was clean up. He was just glad to see her go home and get some sleep. That was something that eluded her from time to time.

“So when are you going to marry that girl?” His mother asked as she leaned her hip against the kitchen counter.

“You’re hilarious, Mom.”

He turned his back on her and started scraping the plates clean in the trash. But Maggie Dawson was not going to let up tonight. She started the water up and started dumping dishes and silverware in. His mother was tall and as slender as she ever was in her younger days. Her dark hair was lightly graying at her temples and fell down to her shoulders. She was a lovely lady, but damn it, she was a stubborn one, too.

“I wasn’t being funny.” She said. “You two have been glued at the hip since you were little. I’d have to beg to get you to spend time at your own house as a kid! You went to every dance together-”

“We all went together AS FRIENDS.” He interjected. She paid no mind and kept on with her monologue, the same one he had heard over and over for the past few years.

“Why, you’re practically dating as it is. You fix all her broken stuff. She cooks for you! She even brings over your clean laundry after it piles up over there. You two get along so well it’s almost scary.” She crossed her arms and gave him her best attempt at a stern look. “All you need to do now is get married and give me grandbabies.”

He groaned. What could be more awkward than talking to his mother about making babies… with the girl of his dreams?

“I know you love Taryn,” He started.

“And so do you.” She looked smug.

“It’s just not like that.” Aiden handed her a dripping, clean dish. She took it and began drying it off with one of her hand towels- like most of the accents in the house it was her favorite shade of blue.

“It could be, if you’d stop being a chicken shit.” She muttered.

“Always with the compliments. Thanks, mom.” He gave her a grin and her own shined back, crooked just like his.

“She’s just as crazy about you, you know.”

“Mom, let it go.” He felt his face start to flame and knew there was no way she’d miss it. “This isn’t one of your trashy shows.”

The hand towel smacked across his chest.

“I don’t watch trash and you know it. Stop being such a smart aleck. I have eyes. It’s as clear as day to everyone else but you two knuckleheads. Even Kenzie agrees.”

Aiden sighed. Of course she agreed. She knew all about it, just like everyone else apparently. Awesome.

“Leave poor Kenz alone. She’d never disagree with you, just on principle.”

His mother grinned. Growing up, she had driven them to all the dances and activities after she got off work. If they didn’t have work, she was there, so she had seen plenty of the group in action.

“She’s a sweet heart. And such a pretty girl, too. But we all know who you have eyes for.” She snuck a sideways glance at him.

He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay! You’ve made your point.”

They washed and dried the plates in comfortable silence for a few more minutes. When the last one was finished, she dried off her hands and tossed the towel over the edge of the draining sink.

“You’ve grown into such a wonderful young man.” Maggie put her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. For as long as he could remember, it had just been the two of them. His father had skipped out, leaving her on her own to raise up a son. She put her all into that task, and he tried hard to never make her regret it. “You make me so proud, you know.”

“Thanks, mom.” He kissed her on her cheek.

“Now stop being chicken and go ask that girl out.” She marched across the kitchen floor and out the door, muttering to herself. “I’m not getting any younger, here!”

He chuckled and leaned on his arms on the counter. As if it were so easy. “That girl” was a force to be reckoned with. When she set that delicate jaw of hers, there was no hope in getting that girl to move. And if she got an idea in her head, it was easier and safer for everyone around to just go along for the ride. It was one of the most frustrating things about her, and one of the things he loved most. Way back in junior high, Taryn had declared that dating wasn’t her thing. She had no need for a boyfriend and would not tolerate any of the mushy distractions from her mission. Other than a few stray attempts, she stuck to that, having no mercy for the poor fools who mustered up the courage to ask her out. When that jerk from the football team had the balls to press his suit, Taryn showed him clearly that she meant no. In the middle of the lunch line, she used a forward foot sweep to throw him on the floor. Aiden had to pull her away before she put him in a cross arm lock.

His hopeless romantic ass didn’t stand a chance.

But still, he stuck around. She was the closest friend he had. She’d stuck by him and was there through all his tragedies, big or small. When his mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was the first person he told. And she was there to talk it out with him, even if she had to sneak out in the middle of the night to do it. If he missed school to help his mom when she got real sick, Taryn brought him all his home work… and even let him copy off some of her papers. She was there for him when he needed it, and he made damn sure he was there when she needed him.

Because, as strong as she always seemed, he knew how fragile she really was.

He leaned over to look out the window, double checking that she had turned off all the lights. She left the porch light on again and the kitchen stove light still glowed through the curtains. But the rest of the house was dark. It looked like she actually made it up to her bed tonight.

He guided his brain firmly away from any path that image might take him down and went to his own room to get ready for bed. His room was sparse, but held the few things he needed. On this book shelf, was a photo of the two of them from high school. His mom had taken it on prom night, just before they headed over to pick up Kenzie. Taryn was smiling, that long hair falling around her face and down her back- the stuff of fantasies. She had wrapped her arms around him in a hug and grinned for the camera. Her dress fit her willowy frame to perfection, a little too perfectly for his teenage self to handle. In the photo, he wasn’t smiling into the camera, he was looking down at her. That shot made it so painfully obvious.

Two days later, his mother had nonchalantly left this photo on his dresser-in an 8×10, matted and framed. She was hinting even then.

God save him from these stubborn women in his life.


Aiden’s song:

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Cover Reveal And A Giveaway!

We are just a day away from ***release day!***   So let’s have a last minute cover reveal and a giveaway!

Isn’t it awesome?!  Let me know what you think in the comments.

there are no vampires in this book

Title: There Are No Vampires In This Book
Author: Megan Bailey
Cover Design: P.S. Cover Design
 Release Date: June 2, 2015


After the violent death of her parents, Taryn Wright spent her teen years rebuilding her life and her fragile sanity. She made it through the hospital, doctors, and therapy by playing by their rules and saying all the things they wanted to hear. But, inside, she held on to the truth. No one believed her stories of monsters and murder, but she knew what she saw on the night of her parents’ death. To Taryn, vampires were real and very dangerous. With her two closest friends at her side, she dedicated herself to a mission. She would keep up the appearance of a normal girl with a normal life, but below that facade, she would dedicate everything to training. When the time came, she would be ready. No one she loved would be hurt by one of those monsters ever again.

But now high school is behind them and the trio is facing the world on their own. With her new found freedom comes new responsibilities and new problems. Instead of weapons and self-defense classes, Taryn has jobs and bills to worry about. The relationship with her best friend is suddenly shifting into some new, scary territory. Old wounds begin to threaten the girl who prided herself on being so strong. How can she take down bad guys if she can’t get her own life in order?




There Are No Vampires In This Book


And on to the giveaway! There are three $10 Amazon gift cards up for grabs. The giveaway runs from 12 A.M. Monday to 12 A.M. Wednesday. Be sure to share with your friends!

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Happy Friday!

As we get closer and closer to the release of the book, I thought I’d share a few more tidbits.





Someone bumped into her shoulder, hard enough to take her back a couple steps. Jarred, she turned her head to the impact. Pale eyes met hers through long dark hair. Taryn took a quick step to the side as she recognized the face, the long coat, those eyes. Inside, she went on high alert.

He looked up and down her body in a slow sweep before meeting her gaze again. With a cocky smile, he lifted one hand in a mocking salute. “Sorry, doll,” he drawled in a voice that was deep and dark as molasses. He took two backward steps, holding her gaze. Then he raised his cigarette to his lips between his fingers and thumb, took a drag, and went on his way.

Taryn remained locked in place for a moment, watching him stride off.

Kenzie touched her shoulder. “Was that the guy—”

From the graveyard? Yeah. That was him all right.” She looked at Kenzie, “And we’re going to follow him.” Without waiting for her friend’s agreement, she took off after the mystery man whose eyes haunted her in dreams. The guy who liked to hang around fresh graves at night.

What?!” Bags rustling, Kenzie hurried behind her to catch up. “Why are we following this guy? He’s kinda creepy… and hot, up close. In a bad boy sort of way.” She bit her lip. “Please tell me we are not stalking the scary man for a date?”

Are you insane?” Taryn hissed, slowing her pace enough to give her a dirty look.

Oh, good. Because those bad-boy types never work out. You just can’t change them.” Kenzie patted her arm. “He looks like the type that would be too cool to carry a cell phone anyway. All off the grid. So… if it’s not to get a phone number, why are we following him?”

There’s something about him…”

Bad idea,” Kenzie interrupted.

“…that sets off all my alarms.” She glared at her friend as she finished. “I think he’s up to something.”

He kept his pace leisurely as he made his way down the street, right down the center of the walk. People stepped around him, some giving him dirty looks as he broke up their group. He kept up his stroll, seeming not to notice.

Because you saw him in a graveyard? Taryn, we were there, too.”

And we were up to something.” She stepped politely to the side to let a group pass. “But we were up to something good. Weird, but good. I don’t get the same vibe from him.”

Up ahead, he took one last drag of his cigarette before he tossed it to the side. Tucking both hands in his pocket, he turned the corner and disappeared.

Other than being a total litterbug…” Kenzie crinkled her nose. “…he hasn’t committed any crimes.”

Taryn carefully peeked around the corner before following him down the darker side street.

That we know of. What if he had something to do with the body in the park?” She took to whispering on this less-crowded stretch of road.

That’s a bit of a jump, don’t you think?” Kenzie clutched her bags to her chest. “And if he was, should we really be following a murderer around?”

The lights reflected off the puddles that dotted the dirty sidewalk, adding shine to an otherwise dark and murky scene. Ahead, his coat flared around him in the breeze as he walked.

Taryn opened hers just a bit and turned to Kenzie, giving her a peek of knife handles and stakes. “I’ve got us covered,” she said.

The worry was blatant on Kenzie’s face. Little Miss Can’t Do Wrong was torn between making the safe, smart choice, and being unfailingly loyal. She stopped and gave Taryn a pleading look but sighed loudly when she realized it was getting her nowhere.

Just know, if this gets us killed, Taryn, I’m gonna kill you.”

Relax. We’ve got like four lives left.”


This time around let’s check out a song from Taryn’s playlist.  Type O Negative <3

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